Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms: Cultivating Gritty, Resilient Students - CANCELLED
Starting 4/5/2018
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What            Presented by: Jennifer Mitchell, Strobel Education

Date: April 5, 2018
Location: Wilson Center, Charlestown

Time: 8:30 Registration 9:00-4:00 Event
Registration Fee: $150 per person ESC Member
$300 per person Non-ESC Member

Students entering the classroom with emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues are often at a disadvantage and struggle to keep up with the demands of traditional learning. Brains affected by trauma require a different kind of instruction—and a special kind of care. The goal becomes unlocking the potential that exists within every student and developing an instructional approach that recognizes and works past the stresses, traumas, and self-imposed mentalities and behaviors that can limit learning and achievement.

Teachers will leave this workshop with strategies to build resiliency and grit in even the most challenging students, ideas for encouraging positive behavior and creating effective classroom management, and a plan of action that can be immediately put in place to start increasing student motivation. Additionally, the workshop will focus on self-care habits, helping teachers to avoid adopting students’ traumas as their own and ensuring that personal triggers are understood and dealt with before they lead to classroom disruptions.

Learning Outcomes:

   · The Impact of Stress and Trauma on Learning

   · How to Build a Resilient Classroom

   · Creating Gritty Learners

   · Neuroscience and Brain-Based Learning Strategies

   · How the Brain Operates—and How to Redirect It

   · Dealing with Students from Traumatic Backgrounds

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Wilson Education Center - Charlestown
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